Six Years of Building Native Ad Products Funneled into One Blog Post

On February 27, I had the opportunity to represent Pandora for the first time and speak at the Native Advertising Summit in New York. The event was put together by the team at Sharethrough and was a great testament to the work of the past two years from taking native advertising as a concept into a fully fledged investment area for marketers.

My talk (posted below) focused on how developers/publishers should consider building their native ad solution, based on market trends and what I’ve learned in my time at Google, StumbleUpon and now Pandora.

Native Advertising Summit - Building a Native Ad Product from sharethrough on Vimeo.

Here are the accompanying slides:

It’s been fun to see the native advertising space legitimized and even more fun to be a part of building the next wave. What have you learned from taking your own attempts at building or buying native advertising?